Sunday, February 7, 2010

I'm so excited!!!!

My Lawbre Rosedawn Plantation was delivered!! Lots of work ahead but it is going to be a stunner! It is very heavy, you can just tell it is very well made. I'll post pics as I get thing done but right now it is just a shell.

Friday, January 29, 2010

Back of the house

So here is the back if the Tudor style house. It came with all the contents. Some of the stuff was pretty nice. But it was all super glued in place!! Weird! I got it all out with out much damage to the furniture. Tonight I am stripping the walls and floors. A nice man at Lowes told me that the best thing to remove wallpaper was fabric softener. It seems to be working well.

I bought another house!!!!

OK so this makes three doll houses! But I just could not resist this house. I love the Tudor style. I really don't know much about the house. I bought it from a lady in Georgia. She said her father got it from a person he was working with about 40 years ago. It does not feel like a is very heavy. If anyone knows anything about this house, I would love to know.

So this is my project for now. I have put my Beaumont and Rosedawn to the side.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

ATM Make

On the forum I belong to called All Things Mini we had a "make". This is where you make one item for one person on the list. This time we had to make and dress a bed. Here is the beautiful bed I was made.

My Christmas Present

I found this house on ebay, it was such a good price I just couldn't resist. Well, I'm a southern girl so maybe I can't resist a "Gone with the Wind" style house. :)

I found out from my friends at All Things Mini that the house is a Greenleaf Beaumont. I have big plans for this house.......but right now I have to see if the wiring still works. Even if it does I may just redo it.